Wednesday, September 5, 2012

That Special Guy❤

Studying for two tests tomorrow<<<anything else. I have summer reading tests tomorrow on "The Help" and "Life Is So Good." Wish me good luck, I'm going to need it. My day today, was pretty good but exhausting. There's this guy named Bryce that I like. He's a sophmore, and he's my best friends brother. My guy best friend. The cool thing about it all is that there's this group, Bryce, his brother, Collin, my friend Stacey, and I. We hang out all together a lot. Of course though, Collin has to have this major creepy crush on me. He's so incredibly awkward about it too. But Bryce became a close friend after we all hung out more and more, then this past weekend we texted non stop. He told me I was amazing and beutiful, and all that sweet stuff guys say...then we were talking about first kisses. I haven't had mine yet, so I told him and he said "Well I would be honored to give you your first kiss, if you wanted." I about died. I mean, Bryce is just about the hottest guy in his grade...he has tons of girls writing stuff on his facebook wall, making themselves look really desperate. But I mean, Bryce said he would kiss me....I wanted to jump around and scream. Then later I fell asleep texting him, and the text he sent, of course right after I fell asleep, was "I really like you." then he sent me all these messages asking if I was awake still then he said "Goodnight beautiful." I read that the next morning and had a spaz attack. Haha, he's told me he wants to kiss me. I saw him today, and I just smiled, seeing him just makes my day and makes me happy. He is so adorable. <3

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