Monday, September 3, 2012

This is me...and my story.

Hey, so this is the story of my life. The difficulties, the ups and downs, the hurt, the pain, the laughter, the smiles, the crazy times, the wild emotions....called my life. I just needed something to write down everything...I couldn't keep my emotions bottled up anymore. I will never revel my true name, every name of a person I mention, is fake...even my own name. I'm a freshman, and I'm a girl. My life is difficult...I'm not your average teen. I get depressed a lot, I physically hurt inside, I'm extremely sensitive, and I get angry easily..Don't freak, I do go to a counselor...So it's all good. I chose to do this blog so that I can get my life out there, so that maybe some other girls that are feeling the same way; will know they aren't alone. I hope you keep up on my blog, I'm still trying to figure this whole site out...but if you can respond to blogs, please do respond to mine...let me know too that I'm not alone. This is me....and my story. 

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